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Drug Round Game - Case Study

Client: Beira Central Hospital, Mozambique.

Issue: Reduce number of medication errors by improving staff awareness and competency.

Outcome: Beira’s lead pharmacist immediately saw how the game could help teach nurses about medication safety. “The training game was really good, because it opened the mind and so we will remember it always.”


Professor Stan Newman,
Dean, School of Health Sciences,
City University London.

“Knowledge about drugs and when and how to use them is critical for patient well-being and safety… What better way to learn than by playing a game.. Achieves the learning required in an enjoyable yet challenging way for students who end up with the knowledge they need to ensure patient safety.”

Lead Pharmacist,
Beira Central Hospital,

“Through the games and the refresher, we were able to identify problems such as that pharmacists need to explain better the medications they deliver to wards and check understanding with nurses. We now have new plans to distribute written information.”

Tia Khan
Research & enterprise department,
City University London.

“In collaboration with Focus Games Ltd, The City Enterprise Office were pleased to help support and fund novel board games developed by our staff members… Their vision was to provide a simple but effective means of supporting front line medical staff with drug calculation and patient safety practice in a fun and safe environment. The board game helps to practice and refresh skills.”

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