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The Drug Round Game

The Drug Round Game is an educational board game which helps frontline healthcare professionals to understand, recognise and minimise medication errors. The majority of errors are avoidable and more effective training can help reduce errors by improving knowledge, confidence and numeracy.

The Drug Round Game, developed with City University London and Health Education England, is designed to deliver and test knowledge, especially around drug calculations.

Face-to-face and online versions available

Board game for face-to-face learning.

Traditional tabletop game for groups working face-to-face. Encourages collaborative team discussions.

Generates fun and enthusiasm with a serious purpose and clear outcomes.

Online for socially distanced learning.

Digital board game replicates the intensity of face-to-face on Zoom, Skype & Teams.

Can be used for remote learning or socially distanced face-to-face sessions. Just share your screen with the group, wherever they are.

What's in the box?


Games make face-to-face training more engaging and effective.

Games encourage people to talk and learn from each other.

Games can be used anywhere, by anyone with no external support.

Games = a workshop in a box.

What people say about the Drug Round Game:

Professor Stan Newman,
Dean, School of Health Sciences,
City University London.

“Knowledge about drugs and when and how to use them is critical for patient well-being and safety… What better way to learn than by playing a game.. Achieves the learning required in an enjoyable yet challenging way for students who end up with the knowledge they need to ensure patient safety.”

Lead Pharmacist,
Beira Central Hospital,

“Through the games and the refresher, we were able to identify problems such as that pharmacists need to explain better the medications they deliver to wards and check understanding with nurses. We now have new plans to distribute written information.”

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Get a taste of what to expect from the board game and learn how to understand, recognise and minimise medication errors in this simplified taster version of the board game.

Drug Calculation Cards and App

Practice your drug dose calculation skills with this quickfire card game. Play it with friends and colleagues or use it to test yourself. It’s a handy revision tool for students. Or why not try our new Drug Calculation app.

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Price of game:
£60.00 EXC Vat

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